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Eman Looc's
Possession Scroll

The feeling of Possession

General Description

The wizard Eman Looc is always looking to create incredible stories full of wonder, this time he wants to do something different, he will give someone from town a special item... A scroll he calls, the possession scroll... but he's not going to choose who the scroll will go to. It will instead go to anyone who wants to change their life.
Will you be that person?  What will you do with the scroll?  Use it for good or evil? Only time will tell, and your choices.
Each route and path in this scenario will take you to a different crazy adventure that's, full of dangers, twists, sad and happy times. You may find yourself in a fighting tournament in the middle of a junkyard, or defending yourself against ghosts from a far away past. The possibilities are endless with this scroll.

The scenario right now is around 42 hours long (This does not count the extra narrators or any repeated parts).
There's 55 endings



Not Focused but present

  • Possession

  • F/F

  • Body Swap

  • Story focus

  • Magic

  • Adventure

  • M/F

  • Alternate Reality

Main Characters


She’s the ruthless principal of the Tina Koya school. She’s looking for any opportunity to escape her life using this scroll.


She’s one energetic student and very clumsy. She wants to use the scroll to become more responsible, but things don’t usually go her way.

Watch the characters' prologue and previews of routes( More in the channel)

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A Look in the Scenario

Hello! Am cube!

My name is Darknost, but you can call me Nost

I'm sure you've already seen this type of introduction but... I've been a lurker in here for quite some time, but now I've decided to create my first scenario, a simple one.
I'm working on it very frequently, and every Saturday I do a progress report, make sure to check that out.

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